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Offsite Consulting

There are several situations in which an organization may benefit from using offsite SAP consulting services:

Cost reduction

Certain SAP services are only needed on a part-time basis

Certain SAP services are needed on-demand (e.g. for a specific project or periodic events)

Your organization may not have sufficient office space, in the short-term or long-term, to house all of your SAP or IT staff

As an alternative to the typical offshore outsourcing model, DC&M Partners offers an offsite consulting solution from our office in Chandler Arizona. DC&M applies their rigorous quality assurance model for these solutions.

DC&Ms offsite consulting model offers several advantages over the standard outsourcing model:

      Same time zones
      No cultural barriers
      Easy to get consultants on site for meetings
      More cost effective i.e. better quality/less cycles
      Only experienced consultants used
      Low to non-existing turnover

DC&M also has a long track record of working and collaborating effectively with the offshore units of the larger system integrators and applying their quality assurance model in order to improve quality and , reduce cycle time.

If your organization could benefit from leveraging SAP staff on a part-time or on-demand basis, contact us to learn more.