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Direct Hire Placement

Organizations committed to building an internal capability of SAP professionals for project and support work know that finding resources with highly specialized SAP skills can be a challenge. Several factors could affect a company’s ability to find the right SAP resource, including:

A limited labor pool of industry or subject matter specialists in your location

Market rates for specialized resources are higher than what your pay scale allows

A lack of in-house expertise to effectively screen candidates with specialized SAP skill sets

DC&M Partners is committed to finding you the right resource. All of the senior management of DC&M Partners are long-time SAP consultants; collectively we have built a large, nationwide network of SAP talent. Because of our SAP background and experience, we can screen and assess a candidate’s capabilities as well as cross-check our own references to find the best match for the specific resource need in your organization.

Having this extensive network of SAP professionals allows DC&M Partners to screen and propose resources at differing levels of skill and salary range. We can also propose SAP candidates on a “contract-for-hire” basis, which allows you to see the SAP resource in action before making a hiring decision.

DC&M Partners can help you build your internal SAP capabilities. Contact us to find out how.