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DC&M Partners LLC was launched in 2000 by a group of senior consultants who wanted to bring refreshing changes to the world of SAP consulting. They believed that quality, experience and timeliness would set them apart from their competition, and they were right. Our partners have an extensive background in SAP and management consulting. In addition, each partner has a “Big 5” background and has consulted and worked internationally for Fortune 500 companies as well as small to medium sized companies.

DC&M has engaged with customers throughout North America across a wide range of industry sectors including Retail, Apparel/Footwear, 3rd Party Logistics Providers, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Energy, High Tech Electronics, Media/Entertainment, and Aerospace/Defense.

We help our customers in various ways: whether it is as the lead integrator on a SAP implementation, fielding specific teams on projects, or acting as an extension of internal staff. We even help our customers find and screen appropriate candidates for full time employment.

DC&M Partners –A Different Kind of Consultancy
DC&M Partners LLC provides clients with a wide range of IT development, consultancy, and management with an emphasis on the design, build, and rollout of SAP implementations and related products. At DC&M, we pride ourselves on the high quality and experience of our consultants and the timeliness with which we deliver solutions. These factors help build a foundation of trust – and that’s the foundation upon which we built this business.

Quality and Experience – The Foundation of our Business
The key to our success is the quality and experience of our consultants. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of SAP and have witnessed its evolution into today’s industry standard ERP package. Our consultants are always of the highest caliber and have a wealth of experience that dates back to SAP R/2. They also have a critical understanding of today’s business environment and how it relates to SAP and IT advances. The quality and experience of our consultants is what enables our clients to execute their business processes in the most optimal and efficient manner.

Flexibility and Maintainability - The Keys to Client Success
Today’s business processes don’t stop at the company or department doors, but extend to include business partners. This means our clients need integrated business systems to ensure reliability, maintainability and flexibility. DC&M focuses on open business integration to ensure our system design truly meets the needs of each client.

DC&M – The Clear Choice
At DC&M, we stand for quality, experience and timeliness. You can trust that our seasoned consultants will find the solution to your IT problem.